Achieve your triathlon goals with individual triathlon coaching


Individual coaching is a remote service, where your coach monitors your training daily on Training Peaks, you have unlimited contact on email, Facebook messenger or similar, and unlimited coaching calls. Once you sign up for coaching, you’ll complete a form with questions on your background, past training and racing, goals and aspirations… You will then jump on an on-boarding call with your coach to discuss all of this in even more detail. You’ll get a Training Peaks account where you will get your training program every week.

Your completed workouts will sync to Training Peaks through your Garmin, or whatever device you use. Your coach reviews all your workouts and gives you  feedback. The communication channels with your coach are always open if you have any questions. We believe that communication is by far the most important part of a coach-athlete relationship.

You will have unlimited coaching calls, (typically every other week) with your coach where you will discuss your completed and upcoming training, your overall progress, and any specific topics that you need to cover and questions you may have.

Completely personalized training plan

– You get training week every week,so your plan constantly adapts to your progress

– Your coach monitors your training,giving feedback and changing program if training indicates that a change is needed

– Unlimited contact throw emails, whatsapp,Facebook. Communication is key!

  • Nationality: Spanish

  • Languages: Spanish (native), English (fluent)

  • Education: Master’s degree in Architecture EHU University of Basque Country

  • Coaching Certification: Spanish Level I, ITCA (International Triathlon Coaching Association)

  • Coaching Experience: Started coaching in 2009

  • Athletic Accomplishments:
    -More than 20 top 10 in IRONMAN disntace races as a PRO
    -4th overall IRONMAN PHILIPHINES 2018 *Best ironman result



Eneko is the Founder of Arsen endurance. He started out as a cyclist but as his own athletic career shifted to triathlon, he soon also started coaching triathlon and started Arsen endurance in 2010.
However, he also teaches the importance of relying on “evidence-based” training as only one input to coaching decisions, with the others being the athlete’s feedback and experience, as well as the coach’s knowledge (outside of research findings) and experience. With the latter two being of greater importance.

Eneko enjoys the challenge of finding the balance of getting the biggest possible return-on-investment on training time carefully considering multiple available inputs including the athlete’s feedback and training response, his own coaching experience and advice from coaching mentors, as well as scientific evidence.

However,for Arsen the most important thing is coach-athlete communication. Without great communication, a coaching relationship can never work. Arsen has athletes from different ages and levels,from pro athletes to very busy CEOs with limited time


We coach a very limited number of athletes at a time.Fee includes:

  • Personalised training plan
  • Daily attention, workout analysis
  • Unlimited communication
  • Training Peaks account